Kindness & compassion

Saturday November 11th, 10.30am – 3.00pm
Drolma Centre – Peterborough

An in-depth meditation retreat day focussing on developing the inner wealth of kindness and compassion. On this course we will explore the following:

How to develop loving kindness during meditation and in daily life. Seeing how this offers supreme protection for the mind, improves our relationships and brings profound meaning to our life.

A profound method for generating compassion understanding how living beings wander in the ocean of samsara. In this session we will examine the following verse from Chandrikirti’s Guide to the Middle Way:

“I bow down to that compassion for living beings
Who from first conceiving ‘I’ with respect to the self,
Then thinking ‘This is mine’ and generating attachment for things,
Are without self-control like the spinning of a well.”

The power of mind to change the world: The power of the imagination and good intentions.

With Resident Teacher, Kelsang Rak-ma

Cost & booking: the cost is £20 per person (light lunch included), please book in advance

We regret we are unable to give refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of the event.

We’re sorry but this workshop is now fully booked.