Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that people ask about our meditation classes. If you have any other queries please call or email us and we will be happy to help you in any way.

Q: Do I need to be Buddhist to attend a weekly class?

A: No. We try to present Buddha’s teachings in a way that is accessible to everyone. Buddhist meditation and advice is very practical and relevant to modern daily life and enables us to develop peace of mind, reduce stress and anxiety and improve our concentration, relationships with others and general sense of personal well-being.


Q: Do I need to have experience of meditation or Buddhism to attend a weekly class?

A: No. Everyone is welcome, including beginners.


Q: If I’m a complete beginner, should I attend a weekly class or a weekend event?

A: Either is fine; it really depends on your own circumstances and preference. Weekly classes are shorter, whereas weekend events take place over a half a day or more.


Q: What weekly classes are available?

A: We run several classes during the week. Please see the drop-down menus above for the latest programme.


Q: What should I expect at a weekly class?

A: The classes begin with an optional simple prayer in which you are warmly invited to participate or, if you prefer, you may simply listen. This is followed by a guided relaxation meditation and a talk covering the basics of meditation and Buddhism, emphasizing how these can be applied to daily life. Finally, there is a second guided meditation. 


Q. Can I bring my child to a meditation class?

A. If your child wishes to attend an in-person meditation class they are very welcome, however they must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. They will also need to be able to sit quietly through the talk and meditations. We do not currently offer meditation classes specifically for children.


Q: I suffer from anxiety. Do you think meditation can help me?

A: Many people who suffer with anxiety attend our classes and have found that it has helped them. We have a particular shorter class on Sunday evenings called OVERCOMING ANXIETY. You are welcome to call and talk to us if you have any questions.


Q: How do we sit to meditate?

A: Generally, we sit on chairs so that everyone is comfortable. However, there are cushions for you to sit on the floor if you prefer.  If you need anything specific for your comfort, please bring it along and arrive early so we can accomodate your needs in the meditation room.


Q: Will I be asked to say anything, or speak in front of a group of people?

A: No. But you can ask questions if you want to.


Q: Is there any physical exercise involved, such as yoga?

A: No. The courses focus on meditation alone.


Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Nothing in particular. However, some people find it useful to bring a notepad and pen. Please see our Covid-19 page for guidance on what you need to bring during the pandemic.


Q: How should I dress?

A: There are no special requirements, but comfortable clothing is generally best. For classes at the Centre we ask people to leave their shoes outside the room, so in winter you may find it helpful to bring along some warm socks to wear.


Q: If I want to attend a class, do I need to wait for the next titled course of classes to begin?

A: No. Each class is self-contained. You can drop in whenever you can, and start whenever you like.


Q: Do I need to book in advance?

A: Currently space at in-person classes is limited due to social distancing requirements so booking is needed. However, for our day courses & meditation retreats you are required to book in advance.


Q: How much are classes?

A: The fees vary depending upon the type of class or course it is and the length of the class. All our prices are given on the individual website pages for each class or course.


Q: Do you offer discounts or concessions for your classes?

A: Concessions are available for all our weekly classes. Please ask our class assistant for details. In addition, there may be a special course that offers a reduction for pre-booking all of the classes.  This will be clear on the booking page. If you find you attend quite often it can be cost effective to become a CENTRE MEMBER where you pay a monthly standing order of £40 and can attend almost everything offered (T&Cs apply).  This is a wonderful way to support the Centre as well as save yourself money. 


Q: Is parking available at the Centre?

A: We have a few parking spaces in the drive. On busy courses we encourage you to park behind people to get as many cars in as we can. There is also on-street parking nearby but please, out of consideration for our neighbours, could you not park in the two roads either side of the centre (Woodbyth Road and Southlands Avenue). For parking at other venues please see the individual web pages for information.


Q: Is Drolma Centre accessible for disabled people?

A: All public areas are on the ground floor and whilst the Centre is an old building we do have some limited wheelchair access via a temporary ramp.  However, the ramp needs some simple assembling, so we appreciate you contacting us prior to your visit so we can make sure it is in place and the building is accessible for you.  Please also call/email in advance if you have any other needs that we may be able to help with to make your visit as comfortable as possible. You can email us at .

If you have difficulties hearing please let one of our volunteers know and we can arrange for you to sit at the front or near the speakers when the microphone can be used.

Please also see DISABLED ACCESS on the website for details.


Q: Can I volunteer at Drolma Centre?

A: Yes please! The Centre is run by volunteers and we welcome any help you can offer. We particularly appreciate support in gardening, DIY, cleaning, publicity and helping with classes, courses and events. Please see our web page VOLUNTEER, speak to us when you are here, email us at or call us on 01733 259227.