Living In The Moment

Saturday February 4th 2023

Morning course 10:30 -1 pm

With Buddhist nun Kelsang Malaya 


Death and impermanence are sometimes perceived as unsettling topics, associated with confusion, grief and suffering. Although we may have an intellectual understanding that one day we will die, generally we are reluctant to think about death for these reasons, and so this knowledge does not touch our hearts. However, if we learn to contemplate and meditate on death and impermanence with wisdom, we will discover they are profoundly uplifting and liberating, enabling us to develop a clear and joyful mind and forget our everyday worries and anxieties.

By meditating correctly on these topics, we will awaken great spiritual energy and the power to overcome our habitual negative minds and preoccupation with trivialities.

We can also learn what we can do to protect ourselves and help others during this critical passage in our life. In this way, we can make our lives truly meaningful and of great benefit to those around us. On this morning course Kelsang Malaya will help us come to terms with our own mortality and will reveal how this wisdom can make our precious human life deeply joyful and beneficial to others. Eventually, we will develop the ability to transform death into a liberating experience.

This course is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced meditators.

Booking will be open until 30 minutes before the start of the morning retreat

This course is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced meditators.


With Resident Teacher Kelsang Malaya

Retreat Fees

£18 per person

Included in Centre Membership.

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Retreat Format


10.30-11.30am: Session 1
12.00-1.00pm: Session 2

Each session includes a practical talk to help your meditation experience as well as two guided meditations.

Everyone is welcome and no experience is needed.