Overcoming Anger

Workshop including meditations

Sunday 14th July

10.00 –11:30am

£10 (free with Drolma Centre Membership)

Payable on the door, or via Eventbrite (link in Book Here below)

Sometimes we supress our anger because we are afraid of the consequences or of the person making us angry. This eventually makes us feel bitter, weak and disempowered. Sometimes we express our anger because we want to hurt or retaliate. This generally leads to regrets and even more harm for ourselves and others. Is there not another way of dealing with anger? Because, one way or another, we are all constantly faced with people or situations that just make us want to explode!

Anger is our worst enemy. It makes people do irrational things, lose their self-control and common sense. It makes them look ugly and unattractive. It causes physical and emotional hurt and destroys reputations. Yet what can we do without ouselves becoming demons or doormats?

Peter Bygrave will explain Buddha’s special methods for deflecting, defusing and disposing of our anger habits – and responding more effectively to the anger of others.