Volunteering & Drolma Centre

Volunteering is such a great opportunity to create positive energy – we say merit – for both ourselves and our centre. In this way we create the causes for our future happiness and the flourishing of Drolma Centre.

Everyone is welcome to join in whether you’re a regular or have never visited the Centre before.

​Drolma centre is a registered charity dedicated to the public benefit of all the people of Peterborough and surrounding counties. It is run entirely by our team of friendly volunteers of all ages both Buddhist & non Buddhist. Areas where we particularly appreciate support are: gardening, DIY, cleaning, publicity and helping with classes, courses and events.

If you are interested in volunteering, then please ring 01733 259227 or email addrolma@gmail.com– let us know if there are any particular jobs you would like to help with. Thank you.

Centre Cherishing

Drolma Centre exists for the benefit of all living beings. By volunteering for the Centre, we are directly benefiting everyone by offering a beautiful environment in which they can enjoy inner peace and real happiness.

Once a month we come together for a couple of hours to cherish our centre and therefore everyone who visits us. There will be things in the house, garden and meditation room to do for all ages, skills, interests, likes and for whatever time you are able to offer.

We start with a short prayer and a brief meditation led by our Resident Teacher Kelsang Rak-ma to set our motivation and finish by dedicating the merit, or positive energy, from our joyous work to world peace.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other and to contribute to your Centre.

Please give us an indication of whether you would like to come along and join in – we need to know if you are joining us for lunch please – by emailing us at info@drolmacentre.org.uk or telephoning 01733 259227.