6-week Course: Habits of Happy People

November 4, 11, 18, 25  ¦  December 2, 9  ¦  1.00 – 2.00pm   

See below for weekly class topics

Happiness is something that each one of us has the potential to experience, but often our habitual ways of thinking take us in the opposite direction. This engaging series will teach critical lessons about some of the habits of happy people that will enrich your life’s experience.

We will explore several meditations and ways of thinking that uplift the mind and how, by carrying these with mindfulness into our day, we can maintain a light, joyful attitude whatever life throws our way. Everyone is welcome to attend this series of classes. No previous experience necessary.


Term break 19 October to 2 November – NKT Fall Festival


4 November – Contentment

“Without contentment, a rich man will think he is poor”- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. By learning to be happy with what we have we can overcome our overwhelming dissatisfaction, simplify our life and be able to focus more easily on internal changes.

11 November – Joy

It is very easy to allow our mind to focus in ways that are contradictory with our basic wish to be happy. This class will explore teachings and meditations that enable us to keep a positive mind and overcome negative thoughts such as jealousy, competitiveness and discouragement.

18 November – Gratitude

We can get so stuck focusing on the negative that we can forget to appreciate all the benefit we receive from others. By maintaining an awareness of the kindness of others in our life we can keep a positive, grateful mind that will make us more warm and well-disposed towards others and protect us from unhappy thoughts.

25 November – Acceptance

In this class, we will learn how to maintain a calm and joyful mind even in the most challenging circumstances through applying Buddha’s teachings on patient acceptance.

2 December – Peace and freedom from distraction

In this session we will learn:

The faults of mental distraction or disturbance

The benefits of a peaceful mind

Inner peace is the source of all happiness.

The levels of inner peace

9 December – Generosity

The mind of generosity is a light, warm and expansive mind and is very different to the clingy mind tightly holding on to ‘me and mine’.

Nagarjuna said ‘From giving comes wealth.’ In this session we will look at the benefits of giving – including the Karmic effect of giving – both for others and for ourselves.

Just finished watching…Loved the teachings and the way of putting across the teachings


Many thanks, I found this class very helpful, and your examples from life resonated strongly with me.



Please find a comfortable and quiet place that you consider special in your home or room.

Prepare yourself before the class begins by turning off your phone, avoiding distractions, making sure you can focus on the teaching for its duration (normally approximately one hour).

Have a notebook to write down some of the key points of the teaching that you want to remember and integrate in your life.


Booking will be open until 30 minutes before the start of the class

These classes are for people who are living in and around Peterborough. This includes our branch classes at Boston, Crowland, Ely, Huntingdon, March, Spalding and Stamford and people in those areas. If this does not apply to you, then please contact us at info@drolmacentre.org.uk.


Christmas break 15 December – 11 January 2021


Classes will be taught by experienced meditation teachers


£6 or £30 for the full 6-week course

Booking is required for this online class

Everyone is welcome. Perfect for beginners and those with some experience.

This class is included in Centre Membership

We do offer a concessionary rate. Please contact us at info@drolmacentre.org.uk

In line with the revised Eventbrite Policy, you will now receive a refund less the Eventbrite booking fee if you need to cancel.


You will receive a link to the class 1 hour before the class starts and another reminder 10 minutes before.

This will be a You Tube link. Please click this link at 1.00pm and the video will appear. Click the arrow on the image to play the video.

The class will be available to view for 7 days.


Guided meditation

Teaching – practical advice for our daily lives

Guided meditation based on the teaching

Suitable for all levels – perfect for beginners

During the class we will be using The Liberating Prayer. Printed copies can be purchased at THARPA UK where you can also find many other resources such as books, CDs, images and downloads to help you in your meditation practice.